The Start?

Where do I start? I’ve never had a blog before or confided to a person nor a journal or diary. My grammar isn’t perfect and most likely I will type the way thoughts flow into my head. I am a person with anxiety, I overthink, I overanalyze, and I always expect nothing good to come my way although I do hope for a lot of things.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I always don’t know where to start. Do I start by telling my life story and all my “struggles” (we all have different standards of what is a “struggle”) or do I start by telling my daily thoughts and letting my life experiences unfold after each post? I have a lot of side thoughts and over explain things (like this).

Maybe its anxiety, maybe it is just overthinking, but I think it is time I finally get my thoughts all out somewhere since I really have noone to confide in because everyone I have ever trusted or “loved” (you question that after things end and you reflect back) has left me, whether it was my fault or not.

This blog is just about daily thoughts, what I’m currently experiencing, what I have experienced, my hopes, but mainly just what is on my overloaded mind. I never claimed to be interesting, so if you enjoy, please enjoy. I write the way thoughts come to me, so punctuation and grammar really don’t matter to me here. I just need a space to express myself and finally find others that I can relate to. Or, maybe others are looking for my story to relate to. Blogs are about relating to one another, eh?

In person I am not a serious person at all. I joke a lot, but I know when to be serious. I just need a space where I can express both sides of me and not just the jokester/smiling mask I wear daily.

This is a long post. I wonder if my following posts will be just as long. This is me.

6 thoughts on “The Start?

  1. Hey,
    I had the same Problems starting over with my blog, I was a bit scared of my englisch grammar, mostly because I´m coming from Germany and don´t speak it everyday…Were to start was the second problem, living in the countryside you don´t have that special things to mention and even if something happens: what is good enough to share? I can’t post everything running through my mind…It would´t be that good…
    so: I´m looking forward for new posts and I do like the way you write about your own. It sounds naturally and nearly perfect in language, as far as I can say 😉
    Maybe check out my page, too…I´d be glad if you do so!

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