I love baking, and as far as I know my friends love my baking. Yesterday, I baked pretzel M&M cookies for a group of friends that were upset about a coworkers passing.

It’s weird how one way or another, whether we realize it or not, that we are all connected. I mean where I’m from everyone knows everyone somehow even though we live in a big city/big borough.

Recently, a coworker of my friends had passed due to an injury caused by a dispute between two people he was mistakenly blamed for. I went to the wake to support my friends and their fellow coworkers.

As they were swapping stories, I was told the man who passed had my baking and enjoyed it (occasionally I would bake for them and I guess some was passed along to him and he loved it). I didn’t even know that I was connected to his life through my baking and I didn’t even know him.

It’s kind of like being in the background of someone’s photo then meeting them years later and seeing that photo and being in shock that you were connected to them earlier without even knowing. Unfortunately, in this case, I met him and realized my connection with him too late.

Imagine all the people you bump into, hold doors for, glance and smile hello at for no reason, lend a pen to, let them cross the street before continuing to drive, bake for a group and they get it, or anything.

What I’m trying to say is we all impact each other’s lives whether we notice it or not. I did not know him, but I’m glad he enjoyed my baking and brightened his day that day (that is, if it did brighten his day (I’d like to think so)).

I never really thought if I could ever impact someone’s life with what I say or do. But, I’ve been told by people that I’m a great listener, I’m their best friend even though they don’t see me often, I give good advice, I’m a great friend, I’ve made them feel better about themselves, and yada yada.

I appreciate and love all those comments but I still feel no connection with others. (I have few long-term friends, many many acquaintances, three best friends, and friends I talk to daily and give advice to but never hang out with) Everyone leaves whether it was because of a fallout or not. People fade for no reason sometimes. However, while the friendship is there or not I am always there for anyone whenever they need me (past or present, friend or “enemy”).

Connections between a person, whether it be known or not, effects each and every one of us like a domino. I never talk shit, I never backstab, I literally just let everything be no matter how much I question it, no matter how scared I am about losing someone, no matter how much I know a person is backstabbing or betraying me.

Just let it go.

We are all connected no matter how hard we try to cut a person out of our lives (Especially with social media around and texting). We will all forever be connected.

So be nice to one another. It is not being fake, it’s called being civil and not causing drama over stupid shit that will mean absolutely nothing in the future to either parties fighting and wondering why they were fighting in the first place.

I am so over fighting with people and people picking and whose doing what, where, with who, are they taking pictures, are they having sex, are they drinking, are they living life, if they don’t post it they’re losers, whose secretly texting who, whose cheating through social media, blah blah. This generation makes me tired and I’m apart of this generation.

I used to be all about drinking and partying and gossiping, but we are all in this life together doing the same bullshit in different ways. Fuck it. Do what makes you happy. You really can’t please everyone and everyone can’t please you.

I just want to bake, play zelda, watch movies, watch Netflix, enjoy the new TV shows I’ve been watching (just finished breaking bad (I’m late I know)), hang out with new friends, drink occasionally, and enjoy life MY way and not they way people expect by showing off in social medias and doing what the crowd does (I’m tired of doing what the crowd does).

But like I said, we are all connected in someway and I know I will find the connections I’m looking for eventually with people who won’t leave my side, I just haven’t met them yet.

(If there is a topic anyone wants me to rant about let me know or if there’s an interesting topic in my writing that you want me to expand on let me know)

5 thoughts on “Connections.

  1. “It’s kind of like being in the background of someone’s photo then meeting them years later and seeing that photo and being in shock that you were connected to them earlier without even knowing.” Nice, like deja vu, I’m new to blogging too, I find it easier to express myself with paintings, but you can most definitely do it with words. Keep writing.

    • Ah déjà vu that creeps me out whenever I feel that! Lol and I’m very jealous that you can paint that’s an amazing talent! I just bake and I used to play piano but I never made my own music I’m not that creative so writing my thoughts is my outlet lol but I will follow you post some new pantings!

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